Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du Caru


A Gastronomic evening of Porcini Mushrooms

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 September, the Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du Caru from the beginning of the cycle of Gastronomic events of the Autumn of 2018 with two appointments in the name of deliciousness, with a Menu dedicated to the king of the table seasonal, i.e. the Mushroom.


In the course of the evening, guests can choose between various dishes based on Mushrooms, like our Noodles to Borragini to the Sauce of Porcini Mushrooms, enjoy the tastiest of Mushrooms to the Mushroom, the Porcini mushrooms breaded and fried and the unsurpassable Pie with Mushrooms.


To bring out the best from the range of flavours of the Porcini nostrani, and are offered in tasting a fine selection of Wines, among which you'll find Pinot Nero Elena Walk, valley of the wine-Cellar Bertani, and the Rossese of Dolceacqua "Testalonga" of the Cellar Perrino.


At this point I got a little watering?


In this case, do not forget to book your table, by contacting us at the numbers


010 631804 or 349 7513942

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And good appetite by the Baccicin!



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