Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du Caru

Gastronomic Evenings In Autumn 2018

The Osteria Enoteca Baccicin du Caru starting from mid-September until mid-December 2018 offers the end of every week, in the evenings of Friday and Saturday, the cycle of themed nights.


Although the main theme remains unchanged each month, the menu of the different nights vary weekly, with always new proposals of genuine dishes and exquisite, related to seasonality, in combination with a fine selection of Wines national and international.


Follow the news section of the site and our page on facebook to be updated week in week out on the gastronomic proposals of the Baccicin. Above you will find the key that will conmsente dis charge the full brochure.


In each gourmet meal are also available the traditional dishes of the Osteria's menu and selection of Wines of the Wine cellar.


And' reservations are required.


Info and Reservations:

010 631804

349 7513942




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